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Water Care Maintenance Packages

Water Care Maintenance Packages

Are you tired of taking care of your pool or spa?

Do you get frustrated with water chemistry because you can’t seem to keep your alkalinity and cyanuric acid in balance during swimming season? Does it make you want to pull your hair out because you don’t know (or want to know) what alkalinity or cyanuric acid are?

If you answered yes to these questions or have ever been disillusioned while trying to clean or maintain your pool or spa, you should consider giving us a call. See if Tropical Spas can help save you time and headaches by maintaining your pool or spa for you. We offer weekly service with affordable and competitive pricing starting at $115/Month.

Spend Less Time Worrying About Your Pool

When you set up a regular account with Tropical Spas to maintain your pool or spa, we come on a scheduled day and will analyze your water chemistry, do any adjustments, clean the pool or spa, and do any other contracted work.  We do the dirty work for you, like cleaning those big cartridge filters, acid washing your salt cells, getting frogs out of your skimmer baskets, and other jobs you might prefer to avoid.

Call us today at (435) 688-8797 or fill out the form below to get prices and set up your first appointment!  You’ll be happy you called us when you are swimming in your clean pool or sitting in your hot tub just relaxing. Here is our downloadable pool & spa service agreement.

Water Care Maintenance Package

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