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Let Dan Nappi Speak For Us!

We bought a swim spa at Tropical Bullfrog Spas in St George UT and had a great Experience. It was delivered on time and set up went fast. As with all new purchase there was a learning curve but the people at Tropical were there to show how to operate all the controls and made sure I was ready, After a few days there was a problem with the pool I called and they sent someone out that day, we found the issue and fixed it. It’s been a year and we love our swim spa. I keep in shape for surfing by taking my surfboards in the poolside and paddle against the jets for about an hour or so. I love that. I take samples of water from the hot tub and pool into Tropical every other week and the test it and show us what chemicals to add, couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Tropical Bullfrog Spas

Dan Nappi