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Let Heidi Carpenter Speak For Us!

We had a great experience working with Tammy to get the swim spa we wanted. She was very nice and personable! Lu and Kaden helped with the crane to install it. Lu came back after we filled it a couple days later bc there was a slight leak just from a coupling being loose. He went over the whole thing with me how to work it while the water was in it, and I really appreciated that and how he opened the jets that were harder for me to open. Bruce was present when it was being installed and he was great to answer all my questions! Great company all around! I would advise people to just be aware that you would need to budget in paying an electrician, and the crane (and in our case a cement vault since we had it partially buried), so just budget that when you're getting one. We have been using our swim spa daily and love it so much!

Heidi Carpenter