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Let Our Customers Speak For Us!

Wonderful people, good service and easy to work with. Ask for Kelton if you need service. Never been disappointed in 8 years. Always does a great job!

Stephen Matthews

Bruce and his staffed have been great to work with. We went into the store (old location) several times before making our purchase and they answered all our questions happily. In picking the jets, Bruce helped us pick the right ones based on our needs. A year later every-time we go in for chemicals, water testing, and general questions, we still get the same great service. I highly recommend Tropical Spa for those looking to get a great product, but even better service.

Manny T

The moment we walked in we were treated like family. Tammy listened to our needs and found the perfect Bullfrog Spa for us at a great price. Lou and another gentleman delivered it today and were so careful, nice, and walked us through start up. We took a water sample into the store and the ladies were so professional and gave us a print out of exactly how to equalize the water. Many thanks for making my dream come true!

Tina Whipple-Burrows

Tropical Pools and Spas has been very good to work with. We are so glad that we spent the extra to get the Bullfrog after seeing others deal with used spas I am even more glad that I went with brand new. Bruce and his team have been superb in teaching us how to manage and maintain all of the chemical levels and helping us keep the spa in great working order. Now I'm adding to my review from over a year ago. They continue to be fantastic to work with and they are true to their warranty. We LOVE our Bullfrog!

Kevin Thomas

We’ve had our hot tub for 6+ years and it’s still in perfect condition. We take our water in for free testing every week. We enjoy and appreciate the friendly, helpful customer service. We highly recommend Bullfrog tubs and we love Tropical Fiberglass Pools. We’re grateful to have such a fine store with great people in St. George. -Deborah Bowling

Deborah Bowling

We bought the passion b u l l frog two person Spa hot tub what a wonderful product a salesperson was very well informed I could answer all of our questions. I have had 3 other hot tubs that's by far surpasses all of them to put together it has a lifetime guarantee our representative worked with us to make it a very enjoyable transaction. We are truly reaping the benefits from it now a beautiful addition to our home easy maintenance and we know that we can call on tropical should we have any problems our particular representative should have 10 Stars I'm very grateful for all the help and for my beautiful Spa and the confidence if I need anything I will have it from the staff thank you tropical y'all are the greatest that's for you was given by Barbara Young

Barb Young

I recently purchased a hot tub from Tropical based off of the experience my friend had purchasing his spa. I had high expectations coming in and they were absolutely met! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They went out of their way to make sure that not only did I get what I want, but I have the knowledge and tools myself to operate and maintain the spa. Not only do I feel I couldn't have bought from a nicer group of people, I price checked a little and I think I may have gotten a pretty good deal, as the spa I bought is about 3K more than I payed at some other places according to the interwebs.

Ben Korver

The service we received at Tropical Bullfrog Spas was excellent! Tammy was able to get the swim spa we wanted in a timely manner. The decision to purchase was a non pressure situation. We took three weeks to decide to buy. Bruce took the time to answer all install and maintenance questions.

Pure Talent Dance Studio

We bought a swim spa at Tropical Bullfrog Spas in St George UT and had a great Experience. It was delivered on time and set up went fast. As with all new purchase there was a learning curve but the people at Tropical were there to show how to operate all the controls and made sure I was ready, After a few days there was a problem with the pool I called and they sent someone out that day, we found the issue and fixed it. It’s been a year and we love our swim spa. I keep in shape for surfing by taking my surfboards in the poolside and paddle against the jets for about an hour or so. I love that. I take samples of water from the hot tub and pool into Tropical every other week and the test it and show us what chemicals to add, couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Tropical Bullfrog Spas

Dan Nappi

I purchased a bullfrog spa back in May ‘20 and Bruce was great to work with. Even went to our planned site for the tub to make sure everything would fit and work properly. The customer service since installing the tub has been fantastic as well. I highly recommend them.

Chase Larsen

Tammy was great to work with in getting our dynamic swim spa. Lu, Kaden, and Bruce were very helpful in getting the swim spa installed. Tropical also arranged the crane and operator (Ross) to come out and help install it. Lu came back and did some work on the swim spa after it was put in (tightened up a loose coupling). He also showed us how the swim spa worked. If you are in the market to get a spa or swim spa, Tropical Bullfrog Spas is the place to go.

Gabe Carpenter

Lu and Brandon did a very good job when delivering and setting up the Spa. Explained all the features and provided tips for best usage. The store personnel (especially Tammy) are very helpful. I had a number of questions prior to purchasing and they answered all of them. Follow up has been great as well.

Cliff Long

Getting our hot tub was one of the best decisions that we have made with our home. Not only has it improved our health but it has also improved our relationships. It’s a great way to help your body feel better and reconnect with the people that matter the most.

Jeffrey Ford

Cody has taken care or the pool and does a great job keeping the pool crystal clear. He is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. Our pool is unique and a rental so it gets used a ton and needs a lot of maintenance and cody always gets it done.

Trent B

We had a great experience working with Tammy to get the swim spa we wanted. She was very nice and personable! Lu and Kaden helped with the crane to install it. Lu came back after we filled it a couple days later bc there was a slight leak just from a coupling being loose. He went over the whole thing with me how to work it while the water was in it, and I really appreciated that and how he opened the jets that were harder for me to open. Bruce was present when it was being installed and he was great to answer all my questions! Great company all around! I would advise people to just be aware that you would need to budget in paying an electrician, and the crane (and in our case a cement vault since we had it partially buried), so just budget that when you're getting one. We have been using our swim spa daily and love it so much!

Heidi Carpenter

Bruce and Neil: We want to let you know how thrilled we are with our new Neptune fiberglass pool that you, and your team, installed. Your expertise was displayed during our visit when you assisted us in the design, color choices, and equipment for the pool. We are glad that we selected the below options as you recommended: • Automatic water fill. • Automatic chlorination. • Heater. • Automatic freeze switch. • Additional concrete work. During the construction process, you always kept us informed, your workers and contractors were always respectful and courteous. Thank you again for helping us create a "resort" in our backyard.

Don Theall

We recently purchased our first spa, a Bullfrog A8. What a great way to relax after a day's activities! Tropical delivered the tub quickly and we were soaking a day later. The staff is always helpful, as we have lots of questions about use, care, and maintenance. It is much easier to care for than we thought and we are enjoying every minute in the warmth and massage of the Bullfrog! And there is plenty of room when friends and family drop by, which seems to be happening much more since it was installed. Hmmm. Thanks for making this such a memorable purchase!

Anita Church

Love my Bullfrog X5L hot tub! Bruce, Tammy & Jason were all great to deal with, super professional & knowledgeable. I shopped around and did a ton of research , which I do for everything in my life...haha...but I went with product quality, service & supporting local business . Bruce came out to my site to check it all out beforehand. It took me over 3 months to get HOA approval , which is another story!

Brad Dawber

Bruce is great and easy to work with. Whenever I bring water in to be tested he gives great instructions on what to do. We had them install a pool on one of our homes and it was fantastic. Fiberglass is the way to go.

Aaron Rogers

These guys are fabulous to work with. Very professional and very capable. I am a first time hot tub owner and they have had all the answers and all the service needed to make the purchase and installation of the tub easy. The tub selection process was fun.... Many tub styles, jet pack choices, many internal and external colors to choose from too. What we ended up with was designed just for us at no additional cost. We choose the A8L. This is an 8 seat tub with the lounge. We absolutely love it and we use it almost every day... Very relaxing and very fun. Tropicals follow up customer service was fabulous to... We had some minor issue in balancing the water, so we brought a water sample into the store, they analyzed the water for free and sent me it with a solution that worked perfectly. Is recommend Tropical to friends and family.

Dan Wilding