Jetpack Therapy System™

Personalize your hot tub experience

1. Choose between 18 interchangeable JetPaks®
2. Place the JetPak in the seat that fits your height
3. Adjust the massage power to your preferred intensity


Where do you ache?

Each of Bullfrog Spas’18 interchangeable JetPaks is uniquely designed so you can personalize your spa experience.

Bullfrog Spas has JetPaks specifically designed for your lower back, spine, neck, shoulders, and more.

With varying massage types and thoughtful jet placements, you’ll be sure to find JetPaks that relieve your specific aches and pains.



Are you short, tall, or somewhere in between?

No matter your height or preferred seat depth, Bullfrog Spas has a comfortable seat just for you.

Relax in a premium lounger, enjoy a full-body massage in a deep seat, or hang out in a shallow seat to avoid getting your hair wet. With varying seat types and depths, your whole family can enjoy the spa together.

Just place your favorite JetPak massage in your favorite seat and start relaxing.

How powerful of a massage do you need?

You don’t have the same preference when it comes to jet power as your neighbor, and your preference changes day-to-day based on your activities.

Turn the intensity up after a tough exercise or a stressful day of work, or choose a gentle pressure when relaxing with friends or family. To customize the massage intensity for that “just right” feeling, simply turn the therapy dial up or down.