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Water Chemistry: Basics

WATER CHEMISTRY can be very frustrating for new pool and spa owners along with old pros because sparkling, beautiful and inviting water can turn quickly to look dull, nasty and un-swimmable water seemingly overnight.  Before you give up and fill your pool with dirt and make a garden spend a few minutes going over basic […]


Best Reasons to Have Your Swimming Pool Installed in the Spring! When the weather starts to get warm, the thoughts of many people turn to swimming pools, especially in Southern Utah. The summer months are by far the busiest time for swimming pool contractors.When spring comes around, many homeowners start to plan outdoor renovations. For […]

Bullfrog Wins IDEA Award

Bullfrog won the 2012 IDEA, the International Design Excellence Award, for its Sport X model round hot tub.  The international award was given to Bullfrog's Sport X 151 Round Hot Tub. According to Aqua Magazine, "Bullfrog Spas, in collaboration with Rocketship Design, an industrial design firm located in Salt Lake City, designed a round hot […]