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Why Buy Local

We’re all familiar with super-smokin’ deals that you can find on the Internet, or on late night television. Some of my favorite sales pitches are “only 37 left,” or “buy in the next 19 minutes and pay only 19.99 for 300.00 value.” But is it a good idea to buy from someone you will never see or […]

Tropical Bullfrog Spas - Lifetime Warranty

HOW confident are we that BULLFROG SPAS are the BEST? TROPICAL POOLS & SPAS now offers* a optional LIFETIME WARRANTY on our BULLFROG SPAS! LIFETIME WARRANTY is for the customer's lifetime. This is not a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty last for as long as you own your spa. YOUR LIFETIME!That's how confident we are that […]

Budget Friendly Summertime Fun

8 Great Ideas for Budget-Friendly Summertime Fun How to Do Summer on a Budget More Summer Fun, Less Cost As our sun tans begin to form and sunglasses become a necessary accessory when stepping outside, the craving to get out and do anything fun starts to build. Running away to Disneyland to be a kid […]

The Covana

The Convenience of a Spa Cover with the Luxury of a Gazebo Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas is excited about our newest product...The Covana, made by Sterling Leisure Products! It is a cross between a spa cover a cabana or gazebo, but that's not all! It automatically raises and lowers with the turn of a […]

Sand Shark Troubleshooting

Sometimes automatic vacuums don't seem to do what we want them to do, but they arn't necessarily broken, we just haven't adjusted them properly.  It is important to remember that each pool has different conditions, such as shape and surface, so a general set up in your vacuum's directions won't always work.  That is why […]

Protect Your Spa Cover

Rain, snow, sleet, sun and all hits your hot tub cover unless your tub is under an awning or gazebo.  The elements really take a toll on the life of your cover, making it unattractive and eventually you need to replace it.  A product like "Aerospace" UV protectant really helps, but there is another […]

Pool Safety

Now that it is warm, kids are going to be finding their way to the pool and it is always smart to remember pool safety tips. Here is a list of some very important safety tips that can keep you and your neighbors safe. Always have 4 sided fence around the pool that is hard […]

inSPArations...Aromatherapy For Your Hot Tub

Aromatherapy is just another avenue to help you relax, and what better combination can you have than being in your relaxing Bullfrog hot tub after a stressful day, listening to some soothing music while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time. "inSPAration, the leading aromatherapy fragrance, for Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths […]

Dealing with Unknown Contractors

There are benefits to working with a company that has been in business for almost forty years because we know what we are doing and have been around the block, so to speak.  Experience saves you time and money and a recent article written in the pool and spa industry's leading magazine illustrates some of […]

Calling for Help / Repairs

At some point, if you own a pool or hot tub, you are going to have to have a service call, unless you are one of those people who can miraculously fix everything with duck tape.  We have some tips for you to help save you some frustration and money before you call.  Here is […]

Insanely Great Technology

We have all seen how fast technology can change, and how much that new technology can help us, especially in business and in our social lives.  Just look at your phone.  Chances are you have a cell phone, and most likely it is a smart phone (gone are the days of a corded land-line that […]