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Enhance Wellness At Home

Health and Wellness have never been so enjoyable! No need to go to day spas, resort spas, or exclusive hotel spa retreats. Wellness can be found right in your own backyard and it can be fun, entertaining, and relaxing. Your hot tub from Bullfrog Spas brings wellness to your home where you can enjoy it at the […]

What Is a Swim Spa? Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Is your family looking for a great way to spend quality as well as healing time together? Would you like to swim or do water exercises in the privacy of your own back yard?What about boosting your overall health and well-being?How about a peaceful way to wind down and relax?These are just a few advantages […]

Relieve Stress In Your Hot Tub

Peaceful Body, Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Home Stress is one of your body's natural reactions to certain environmental and psychological stimuli. Everybody has it, and a small amount is okay and even necessary to maintain a healthy nervous system balance. However, too much stress can be incredibly harmful to your health and even debilitating. Stress has […]

What is Hydrotherapy?

What is Hydrotherapy?  Jake Ricks Most people view hot tubs simply as a way to relax or as a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. They are incredible places to socialize and relax. But what if your hot tub could do more for you? What if it could do a lot more? No, […]

Hot Tub Exercises - Stay Active

Here is a great article from the Bullfrog Spas blog - Hot Tub Exercises to Keep You Active With the help of a hot tub, you can reach your weight loss and fitness goals with more comfort and less risk of injury. Hot tub exercises work and stretch your muscles without releasing as much myoglobin into your […]

Who Needs a Hot Tub and Why?

The Benefits of Hot Tub Ownership People have different reasons for wanting a hot tub. Some look forward to physical health benefits, others are more interested in improving quality family time, and then there are those just seeking relaxation and escape from life stressors. So how can these basic benefits serve distinct people with different […]

Fibromyalgia Relief with Pool Water Therapy

Fibromyalgia affects roughly 5 million Americans over the age of 18, most of them being women.  It can be a debilitating disease that causes soreness all over the body and gives general flu-like symptoms.  It is a chronic problem that is believed to be brought on by infection, trauma, repetitive actions, or even car accidents.  […]

Health Benefits Of Hot Tub Use

UNDERSTANDING THE PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF HOT WATER IMMERSION The use of hot tubs have been linked to improved health outcomes, particularly relief from, bone and joint pain, muscle soreness, and stress-induced ailments. Here’s a list of the most common health conditions research has shown can be positively impacted by hydrotherapy, hot water immersion, and/or specific features […]

The Amazing Power of Water

The Power and Restorative Nature of Water The more often people are in water, particularly hot water, the better they become.  Water does things that you can not do anywhere else on earth.  When you sit in hot water in transfers heat 25 X faster than air. That means good things happen quickly. It also […]

Health Benefits & Warm Water

"Exposure to warm water usually drops the heart rate, blood pressure, and potentially increases the kind of mental activity we commonly experience while being in a relaxed state." – BRUCE BECKER, DIRECTOR OF THE NATIONAL AQUATIC & SPORTS MEDICINE INSTITUTE AT WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Dr. Bruce Becker, director of the National Aquatic & Sports Medicine […]