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FROG @ease Water Care System

Simple, Safe Water Care The all-new FROG® @ease® system, designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa®*, utilizes SmartChlor® technology to provide a self-regulating water care experience that is easier than ever. Enjoy water that is clearer, cleaner, softer, and much easier to maintain than traditional di-chlor or bromine systems. In addition, the FROG® @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas® is much easier on your […]

Summertime Is Here - Check Your Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry: pH and ChlorineVital To Your Pool Water's Overall Health Whenever you are testing your pool water, the first thing that you need to adjust, before you add chlorine or anything else is your pH. Maybe you don't know why this is, or have wondered if it is really that important; because most people […]

Water Chemistry: Basics

WATER CHEMISTRY can be very frustrating for new pool and spa owners along with old pros because sparkling, beautiful and inviting water can turn quickly to look dull, nasty and un-swimmable water seemingly overnight.  Before you give up and fill your pool with dirt and make a garden spend a few minutes going over basic […]

Mineral Magnet

Sequestering is a good thing Sequestering in your pool or spa water has to do with treating the minerals that can cause harm to your equipment, and it is something that gets overlooked because if you don't add a sequestering agent regularly, like you add chlorine, you might not see the negative effects so quickly...but […]

Clear View Swimming Pool Chemicals

SHIMMER-N'SHOCK Fast-acting for super chlorination to control bacteria and algae. Perfect for all pool types, including vinyl and above-ground, as maintenance or shock. pH neutral, will not cloud water, and quick dissolving, 1 pound treats up to 10,000 gallons. Compatible with all treatment systems: chlorine, bromine, copper, silver ionization and chlorine generators. Will not raise […]

Stabilizer, CYA, Conditioner...

What happens when I have too much? It seems that whenever we are explaining pool water chemistry and get to the point about CYA (A.K.A. cyanuric acid, stabilizer, water conditioner), the customer's eyes lose focus and we know that we have lost them.  Too much information has been given and the pool owner will forget what […]

Bullfrog Spas Premium Water Care Options

Enhanced Ozone System, EOS O3™ EOS is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas. This unique 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as standard systems*, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all residual […]

PristineBlue - AlgaeShield & EnzyPure

When the weather is HOT, what’s the best way to cool off?  Jump into the COOL water of your swimming pool. The main issue that swimming pool owners seem to have in our hot weather is keeping the chlorine level high enough to have clear and sanitized water. We have found two great maintenance products […]

Simple Hot Tub Maintenance

What Does Hot Tub Maintenance Really Look Like? Basic Maintenance Schedule To keep your hot tub running well, you must use it correctly and monitor water quality, filter condition, and cleanliness. Not only does this increase the life of your spa, it also protects the health of those using it. You need to perform some […]

PristineBlue® - Chlorine Alternative*

EASY, Gentle Pool, Spa & Swim Spa Care Water treated with PristineBlue feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor. It’s gentle to equipment and won’t bleach your swimsuit. You can swim immediately after application. Your eyes won’t burn…and you won’t believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming. And […]

Pristine Blue Water Care

POOL, SPA, AND HOT TUB MAINTENANCE IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER WITH PristineBlue® PristineBlue is a terrific alternative to chlorine or bromine in your swimming pool or hot tub. Thousands of residential pool owners rely on PristineBlue for comfortable, clean, clear water. With PristineBlue ® in your pool or spa, you can relax with the […]

NEW Pristine Pure

NEW Pristine Pure® Enzymatic Cleaner, Clarifier & Phosphate Remover for Pools, Spas & Hot tubs. Pristine Pure® is the best in natural pool care. Pristine Pure is a blend of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, plant-based enzymes designed to work with all swimming pool water treatment programs. After bactericide use, Pristine Pure® naturally consumes the leftover unfilterable contaminants […]

Pool Chlorine

Clearview 3" Jumbo tabs Slow dissolving and stabilized. For use in erosion-type chlorine tablet feeders. Water flows over the tablets slowly, providing a constant chlorine feed rate. With proper chlorine residual one tablet treats 8,000 gallons every 7-14 days. Shock Treatment / Super chlorination  -  How to properly shock treat a swimming pool Shocking a […]

Spa Marvel

Love your hot tub but want an easier and more eco-friendly way to sanitize? Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas offer the best alternatives to the traditional chlorine or bromine for hot tubs. Spa Marvel is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional […]

Phosphates? What are They?

​Phosphates are naturally occurring minerals that can come from fertilizers, lawn sprays dying plants, mineral treatment chemicals, bird droppings, groundwater runoff and even dead skin cells (so, they can come from a whole list of places.) They cause trouble in pool water sometimes because they act like food for algae, which, if left untreated, can […]

Muriatic Acid v. Dry Acid

Adjusting your pH is very important to make sure that your pool will stay clean.  Chlorine works much better at a lower pH, but too low of a pH can cause swimmer irritation and ruin equipment.  So, keeping pH at its right level for pool water chemistry will save you headaches and trouble. When it […]

Enzyme Clarifiers

Have you ever noticed the brown ring around the pool that forms at the water line?  Or, do you have brown, smelly and oily filters that don't come clean unless you take them out (which can big a pain in the neck if you have big cartridges) and soak them in cleaning solution? What about […]

Test Strips

Test strips are so easy to use in your pool or spa and they come in a variety testing capabilities, so you are bound to find the right one for you. ​Some are really basic, just chlorine (bromine), pH, and alkalinity, while others test cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, free and total chlorine, copper, MPS (monopotassiumpersulfate), […]

Chlorine Shock / Acid, Basic, and Neutral

Is the shock that you are adding to your pool messing up your pH?  Yes, and no, depending on the shock that you are using.  Also, other chemicals that you are adding to the pool will make the pool more acid or basic, and it is a good idea to know what you are doing […]

Acid, Basic, and Neutral

Is the shock that you are adding to your pool messing up your pH?  Yes, and no, depending on the shock that you are using.  Also, other chemicals that you are adding to the pool will make the pool more acid or basic, and it is a good idea to know what you are doing […]