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Helpful Tips For Your Pool & Spa - Tropical Spas

Top Ten Spring Start-Up Tips for Pool Owners

Spring is here and it is time to open your pool!Especially if the weather is going to cooperate. We are having a nice warm swimmable spring. Let's hope it stays that way! It is definitely a good time to open your pool with some nice 80 degree temperatures on the horizon. If you open it […]

Bullfrog Spa JetPak Therapy

The JetPak Therapy System Perfects Your Personal Hot Tub Experience Customize Your Hydrotherapy For Your Needs Bullfrog's patented JetPaks are not simply an enhanced feature or new kind of spa jet. The JetPak Therapy System is a completely new way to provide hydrotherapy that you choose. Your favorite JetPaks allow you to create the most […]


The Easy Steps For Spa Care By keeping in mind the basic ABC's of spa water chemistry, you'll be assured a pleasant and healthy hot tub spa experience for yourself, your family and friends. Although similar in one way to bath tubs, hot tub spas are not drained after each use, so we must take […]

Enhance Wellness At Home

Health and Wellness have never been so enjoyable! No need to go to day spas, resort spas, or exclusive hotel spa retreats. Wellness can be found right in your own backyard and it can be fun, entertaining, and relaxing. Your hot tub from Bullfrog Spas brings wellness to your home where you can enjoy it at the […]

What Is a Swim Spa? Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Is your family looking for a great way to spend quality as well as healing time together? Would you like to swim or do water exercises in the privacy of your own back yard?What about boosting your overall health and well-being?How about a peaceful way to wind down and relax?These are just a few advantages […]

Relieve Stress In Your Hot Tub

Peaceful Body, Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Home Stress is one of your body's natural reactions to certain environmental and psychological stimuli. Everybody has it, and a small amount is okay and even necessary to maintain a healthy nervous system balance. However, too much stress can be incredibly harmful to your health and even debilitating. Stress has […]

Why Buy Local

We’re all familiar with super-smokin’ deals that you can find on the Internet, or on late night television. Some of my favorite sales pitches are “only 37 left,” or “buy in the next 19 minutes and pay only 19.99 for 300.00 value.” But is it a good idea to buy from someone you will never see or […]

What is Hydrotherapy?

What is Hydrotherapy?  Jake Ricks Most people view hot tubs simply as a way to relax or as a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. They are incredible places to socialize and relax. But what if your hot tub could do more for you? What if it could do a lot more? No, […]

Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Winterize The Right Way! Six Steps To Protect Your Pool. Thankfully we don't usually have much in the way of snow in Southern Utah! With that being said, pools still need proper winterizing. Winter can be tough on pools. Algae and other problems can start even in cold weather, making spring opening messy and expensive. […]

FROG @ease Water Care System

Simple, Safe Water Care The all-new FROG® @ease® system, designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa®*, utilizes SmartChlor® technology to provide a self-regulating water care experience that is easier than ever. Enjoy water that is clearer, cleaner, softer, and much easier to maintain than traditional di-chlor or bromine systems. In addition, the FROG® @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas® is much easier on your […]

How a Salt Pool (Chlorine Generator) Works

Tips To Best Utilize Your Salt Generator How It Works: MonitorOnce your salt pool system is installed, continue to test the water like normal and keep an eye on your chlorine level. The key element here is to keep a watch on your chlorine level. The best way to do that is to test the […]

Hot Tub Exercises - Stay Active

Here is a great article from the Bullfrog Spas blog - Hot Tub Exercises to Keep You Active With the help of a hot tub, you can reach your weight loss and fitness goals with more comfort and less risk of injury. Hot tub exercises work and stretch your muscles without releasing as much myoglobin into your […]

Pool Filters...Changing and Cleaning Them

When to change or clean a cartridge filter can be a confusing question for pool owners sometimes because the cartridge is sitting inside the canister and it is out-of-site, out-of-mind.  If the pool water is cloudy it is easy to throw in a bag of shock or water clarifier, but after a while, that doesn't […]

Water Chemistry: Basics

WATER CHEMISTRY can be very frustrating for new pool and spa owners along with old pros because sparkling, beautiful and inviting water can turn quickly to look dull, nasty and un-swimmable water seemingly overnight.  Before you give up and fill your pool with dirt and make a garden spend a few minutes going over basic […]

Pool & Spa Maintenance - Spend More Time Enjoying Your Pool or Spa

Spend Less Time Worrying About Your Pool Are of taking care of your pool? Do you get frustrated with water chemistry because you can't seem to keep your alkalinity and cyanuric acid in balance during swimming season? Does it make you want to pull your hair out because you don't know (or want to know) […]

Summertime Is Here - Check Your Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry: pH and ChlorineVital To Your Pool Water's Overall Health Whenever you are testing your pool water, the first thing that you need to adjust, before you add chlorine or anything else is your pH. Maybe you don't know why this is, or have wondered if it is really that important; because most people […]

Tropical Bullfrog Spas - Lifetime Warranty

HOW confident are we that BULLFROG SPAS are the BEST? TROPICAL POOLS & SPAS now offers* a optional LIFETIME WARRANTY on our BULLFROG SPAS! LIFETIME WARRANTY is for the customer's lifetime. This is not a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty last for as long as you own your spa. YOUR LIFETIME!That's how confident we are that […]

Budget Friendly Summertime Fun

8 Great Ideas for Budget-Friendly Summertime Fun How to Do Summer on a Budget More Summer Fun, Less Cost As our sun tans begin to form and sunglasses become a necessary accessory when stepping outside, the craving to get out and do anything fun starts to build. Running away to Disneyland to be a kid […]

COVID-19 Safety Practices

To our valued customers, We believe that, despite the challenges currently surrounding us, there is a time and place for peace in our lives. That's why we are committed to remaining available for our customers. By following national and local guidelines, we will continue to provide the safest mans of exploring how you can bring […]

Mineral Magnet

Sequestering is a good thing Sequestering in your pool or spa water has to do with treating the minerals that can cause harm to your equipment, and it is something that gets overlooked because if you don't add a sequestering agent regularly, like you add chlorine, you might not see the negative effects so quickly...but […]