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Relieve Stress In Your Hot Tub


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Stress is one of your body's natural reactions to certain environmental and psychological stimuli. Everybody has it, and a small amount is okay and even necessary to maintain a healthy nervous system balance. However, too much stress can be incredibly harmful to your health and even debilitating.

Stress has been identified as a cause or contributor for many ailments, from infertility to severe illness and more. The most common symptoms or signs of too much stress are headaches, tight or sore muscles, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and fatigue. The good thing: stress can be greatly reduced and even eliminated with 20-30 minutes of daily relaxation, massage, and hydrotherapy in a hot tub.

Science Proves Hydrotherapy Works

The warm water of a hot tub has been shown to help balance your nervous system and to keep it in balance. It is believed that warm water immersion encourages the release of a hormone, dopamine. Dopamine is released by the parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies to combat the effects of harmful stress.

Scientific evidence also shows that immersing yourself in hot water relieves muscle tension and reduces cardiovascular stress. Managing stress through hydrotherapy in warm water effectively increases our chances for a happy and healthy life.* You can effectively combat stress in just minutes a day by relaxing in hot water with helpful massaging JetPaks.

Relaxation Can Save Your Life

The American Heart Association warns about the negative effects that stress can have on your heart and the way that can make you feel. One of the recommendations for stress relief is to take 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and think of a peaceful picture. What better place to do this than in your spa in the comfort of your own backyard. During spa time your blood vessels tend to relax, making it easier for your heart to pump with less effort, improving blood flow and circulation.

Decompress Every Night

In your Bullfrog Spa you get the perfect combination of heated water, weightless buoyancy, mood lighting, aromatherapy, and soothing jets that massage your stress away. Stress relief begins in mere seconds when you slide into your hot tub. When you own a Bullfrog Spa you wonder how you ever lived without hydrotherapy and a little spa time each day.

Only 20-30 minutes a day will help you be relaxed, refreshed and stress free.

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