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Clear View Swimming Pool Chemicals



Fast-acting for super chlorination to control bacteria and algae. Perfect for all pool types, including vinyl and above-ground, as maintenance or shock. pH neutral, will not cloud water, and quick dissolving, 1 pound treats up to 10,000 gallons. Compatible with all treatment systems: chlorine, bromine, copper, silver ionization and chlorine generators. Will not raise chlorine to unacceptable levels.


ClearView 99% trichlor chlorine tablets are slow dissolving and stabilized. These tablets are for use in erosion-type chlorine tablet feeders. Water flows over the tablets slowly, providing a constant chlorine feed rate. Be careful of using chlorine tablets that are not 99% trichlor. Many other tablets have fillers and they are not slow dissolving. This will add to the stabilizer, as well as total dissolved solids much more rapidly, causing the need to replenish the swimming pool water more often.


Can remove metals from pool water and metal stains. Will sequester calcium and minerals. This helps with the hard water build-up on surfaces as well as internally in plumbing and equipment. Must use regularly for lasting benefits. Compatible with all water treatment systems.


Works with filtration to collect organic waste particles and other contaminants for clear, sparkling water. pH neutral, non-staining, non-foaming and not affected by shock treatments. Compatible with all water treatment systems. Returns that new water luster to your pool's water.


Highly concentrated preventative for treating hard to kill mustard, black, and blue-green algae in chlorine or bromine treated pools. Will not staining pool surfaces. Non-foaming, non-metallic.


Effectively removes oil, scale, organics and grime from sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters. Increases water flow and helps keep pool water cleaner with maximum efficiency.