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Why Should I Buy A More Expensive Hot Tub?


Why Should I Buy A More Expensive Hot Tub,

When I Can Get A Cheaper One At The Big Box Stores?

This reminds me of the truism "Honey, I stopped off at the store to get a box of nails, and look what I got! A hot tub!"

If you're thinking of buying a hot tub spa, and they're selling milk in the next aisle, we would ask you to rethink your game plan a bit.

A hot tub is not a "throw-away" item. It shouldn't be about finding the cheapest price either. A hot tub is an investment in your home, and you should be able to enjoy it hassle-free for 20 - 25 years.  Really? Yes, really. o rethink your game plan a bit.

When you buy a cheap tub at a big-box retail chain, you're getting a product that was manufactured specifically for them, and a lot of corners have been cut in the manufacturing process in order to keep the cost down. Specifically, here are some common issues:

  • Very little or no insulation, which leads to huge electric bills.
  • Weak cabinet frames, which leads to structural problems.
  • Thin, poorly stretched shells, which leads to cracks.

In addition to these quality issues, who are you going to call when you have an issue? The 16yr old girl at the customer service counter? She may be very nice, but won't be much of a help with your problems.

Also, big-box retailers have already caused several hot tub spa manufacturers to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, because they're trying to sell hot tubs way below where they need to be to be profitable in order to get into that "big-box". That leaves thousands of very frustrated customers with no warranty! Lastly, big-box stores have a 40% rate of return. That speaks for itself. If you're going to invest in a hot tub, come to a professional dealer who knows hot tubs.

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