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Meet the Jetpaks - NeckBlaster


The NeckBlaster JetPak does what its name suggests, it powers out the stress and tension that you build up in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. This is a JetPak massage that you and your hot tub just can't do without.

The JetPak Therapy System by Bullfrog Spas is the only modular hot tub jetting system that can be personalized specifically for you. You choose your jetting configuration, intensity, and the spa seat in which you prefer to place each JetPak.

The NeckBlaster is not new to Bullfrog, it has been a staple of their line of massage seats for years, and it is a continued favorite. This jet has the most neck and shoulder jets of any of our JetPaks and gives out a big punch as far as water pressure per minute. If you have any neck or shoulder problems, the NeckBlaster is an excellent choice for your new hot tub, because it is certain to blast away the built-up tension and stress that almost everyone experiences. Come into our store and try it out in our wet tub and see for yourself how it blasts away tension.