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Too Much Sanitizer


Too much sanitizer, such as chlorine or bromine in your hot tub is not good for your jets.  It ruins them, as you can see in this picture.  For one thing, it bleaches out the surface of the jet, making them look less attractive, but the real damage is done in the back where the high sanitizer levels can make the plastic brittle.  This jet lost an important tab that kept it from being held in from the force of water when the pumps were turned, with Bullfrog Spas great pressure, the jet wouldn't stay in.

If your jets are this bleached out, just think of what the rest of the jets look like and what that high level of sanitizer doing to the rest of your plumbing and fittings.

There are ways that can help you keep your sanitizer under control and still help you make sure that your hot tub is staying clean.

Use an ozonator; these are really easy to add to a Bullfrog spa aftermarket if you didn't get one when you purchased it.  The benefits to you mean your spa won't need such high sanitizer levels to keep the spa clean.  You still will need some residual of chlorine or bromine in your spa, but you won't need as much.  Call Bruce today to have us come and install an ozonator on your spa at 435-703-0473.

Another way to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine in your use an alternative sanitizer system such as Pristine Blue or Spa Marvel.  With these systems, you will still need some chlorine or bromine in your spa, but like ozone, you can really reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine that you are using to keep your spa clean.  The result is cleaner and clearer water with less sanitizer.