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The Covana


The Convenience of a Spa Cover with the Luxury of a Gazebo Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas is excited about our newest product...The Covana, made by Sterling Leisure Products! It is a cross between a spa cover a cabana or gazebo, but that's not all! It automatically raises and lowers with the turn of a key, locking in the heat and moisture of your spa when you aren't in it and easily raising up when you are ready to use it. It doesn't get much better than that. Benefits of a Covana Privacy and Seclusion...When you want it...When you don't, simply open up the walls. Safety! When it is closed and locked no one can get into it! In fact, it is impossible to remove the Covana once it is down and locked and the key is removed. Alternatively, it can't accidentally fall down either because of its design. Come into the store, we'll show you what we mean. Protects your spa from the elements better than a traditional cover...And it will last up to 20 years! Decreases water evaporation thereby saving on water, chemicals, and heating of the spa. The R-21 insulation value is the highest in the industry. Covana Fits Nearly Any Spa The Covana will fit 95% of any manufactured spa brands and can even accommodate spas that are sunk into the ground. Authorized Dealer of Southern Utah Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas are the only authorized dealer in Southern Utah.  Come into our showroom to see the newest third generation model when it arrives later in February. The new model will have LED lighting inside the top ceiling as well as some other new features.