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The Amazing Power of Water


The Power and Restorative Nature of Water

The more often people are in water, particularly hot water, the better they become.  Water does things that you can not do anywhere else on earth.  When you sit in hot water in transfers heat 25 X faster than air. That means good things happen quickly.

It also means things happen throughout your whole body.          

Immediately your body starts responding.  One area it responds is your heart.  Hot water improves the efficiency of your heart to move blood, up to 30% more volume.  When you’re in that mode it actually improves circulation radically through your body.  Every cell throughout your body thrives, based on it being fed through oxygen and nutrients and also being able to have toxins removed.

At 104° it improves circulation up to 121%, which means that everything in your body is coming alive.  A study showing the blood flow in one part of a leg found that when immersed in hot water it improved circulation by 250%.  Meaning what?  The body is alive and being restored and refreshed when immersed in hot water.

It happens throughout your body without you having to do anything or think anything other than“Wow, this feels great!”

Here’s the fact… we may live dry, but our bodies seem to recover best when wet.  Perhaps that's because we’re largely made of water, and we’re typically better when we’re in it!  And the more often we’re in it; it seems the more benefits there are that can accrue.  Benefits that are physical, mental, emotional, and even relational!  It's time to learn more about the magic of water!