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Should I drain my spa?


If you are leaving town for a while, like longer than six weeks, there are some things you should do to take care of your hot tub.  This also applies if you can't maintain your spa on a weekly basis.

Tropical Pools and Spas can help you maintain your hot tub if you are out of town often weekly maintenance, just give Bruce a call to set up service (435-703-0437).

This information is taken from Bullfrog's website on spa maintenance.

When you are not planning to use the spa for six or more weeks, or when someone is not able to maintain the spa on a weekly basis, you should winterize the spa. To winterize, follow these steps:

WARNING: Prior to winterizing your spa, it will be necessary to Super Sanitize the spa water as per the instructions in the Water Chemistry section. This procedure will help prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi in any areas of plumbing that may not be fully free of water after you drain your spa for its period of winterization.

Step 1: Drain the water.

Step 2: Remove the drain plug from the pump(s), loosen all PVC pipe unions, and pump air-bleed valves in the equipment compartment. Do not replace the plugs, tighten the unions or close the air-bleed valves until the spa is de-winterized.

Step 3: Clean the entire spa.

Step 4: Remove filter cartridge(s) and clean. Allow the filter to dry fully and store in a dry place.

Step 5: Secure the cover to the spa utilizing the tie downs and locking system. In areas where heavy snow is anticipated, place a large piece of plywood (or its equivalent) on top of the spa cover to assist in supporting the cover with the added weight of the snow. Remove snow from the cover following each snow storm.

WARNING: To avoid water from becoming trapped between the floor suction fitting and the filter pipe close the slice valve in front of the pump leading to the filter. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the remaining water out of pipe by placing the vacuum end over the filter hole. In a two-pump spa, first, plug off one filter then vacuum out the water. Or pour 1-2 gallons (4.55-9.09l) of RV antifreeze into the filter hole. NOTE: RV antifreeze is non-toxic and does not require evacuation at start up.

Spa De-Winterization

To de-winterize the spa, reverse the Winterization procedure. Refill to the water level mark.

WARNING: Whenever refilling the spa, it will be necessary to Super Sanitize the new spa water