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Sand Shark Troubleshooting


Sometimes automatic vacuums don't seem to do what we want them to do, but they arn't necessarily broken, we just haven't adjusted them properly.  It is important to remember that each pool has different conditions, such as shape and surface, so a general set up in your vacuum's directions won't always work.  That is why the directions have the troubleshooting section, because many pools need to be adjusted a little differently.

At Tropical Pools and Spas we carry Pentair Sand Shark, Zodiac MX8, and Baraccuda, besides being able to order other models that you might be interested in. Each of these automatic pool vacuums are set up differently, so of course they will have different set-ups.  Here is a general idea of some things to remember after you have gone through the set up and it still isn't working quite right. These are SandShark troubleshooting guidlines, but it can help with most cleaners.

1. Eyeball diverter positions.  The cleaner must move randomly throughout the pool. Water circulating at the surface will influence the hose thus limiting the SandShark’s coverage. It may cause the SandShark to steer away from the end of the pool where the return line is located, or it may cause the SandShark to remain in one section of the pool.

2. If your Sand Shark is tracking the same pattern, check the pool return line water flow and redirect it as necessary with a return line eyeball diverter.Check the SandShark’s hose to be sure that it has not become bent or kinked. Do not coil the hose, as it will retain the coiled shape and reduce the cleaning coverage. To check the hose, lay each hose section flat on the pool deck (or another flat surface) and look down the length of the hose. It should be perfectly flat and straight. Replace any sections which are bent or kinked. Check the oscillator for damage, lost seals (there should be 4 seals), and/or obstructed seals (seals should slide freely on the oscillator). Be sure that the short, soft flexible leader hose section is the first section in the hose assembly (next to the cleaner).

3. If Sand Shark doesn't move or pulsates slowly or doesn't climb the walls properly: Make sure that the main drain and all other suction lines are closed except the suction line to which the SandShark is attached.

Check for sufficient flow through cleaner hose. Check for debris in the filter or the pump strainer basket. Check for debris in the SandShark’s oscillator. Debris may prevent oscillator movement or restrict the flow through the cleaner.

4.If Sand Shark climbs the wall and sucks air reduce the water flow through the cleaner.

5. If your Sand Shark is failing to climb the walls, check dirty filter, dirty basket, debris blocking basket, leaks in the hose, and debris in the regulator.

There are other things that could be a problem, and if you encounter them, refer to your owner's manual.  If that is not helping, you need to call Pentair for help.  This is the same thing for any automatic vacuum because the store can't replace or do warranty work on your vacuum, it is only done through the manufacturer.

Pentair contact information: 1-800-831-7133.

Zodiac contact information: 1-800-822-7933.