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Protect Your Spa Cover


Rain, snow, sleet, sun and all hits your hot tub cover unless your tub is under an awning or gazebo.  The elements really take a toll on the life of your cover, making it unattractive and eventually you need to replace it.  A product like "Aerospace" UV protectant really helps, but there is another way to help make your spa cover last even longer.

"Spa Slip prolongs the life of your existing cover and creates a better fit. This new fit contains the escaping heat and energy from your hot tub, enhancing the efficiency. Spa Slip helps prolong the life of your existing cover decreasing wasted energy and resources which could end up in our landfills."

The Spa Slip is a great alternative if your spa cover is looking old but still in good working condition because it will turn an eyesore back into an attractive part of your backyard landscape again.

The Spa Slip is also nice for preventative measures if you will be out of town for a while, cover your spa with the slip so your existing cover won't take a beating while you aren't around to enjoy your hot tub.

They come in 4 colors, black, gray, green and tan. Come into Tropical Pools and Spas to get more information on Spa Slips and see how they can help you get more life out of your spa cover.  If you are into college team logos, they even have a selection of some popular teams that you can choose from too.