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inSPArations...Aromatherapy For Your Hot Tub


Aromatherapy is just another avenue to help you relax, and what better combination can you have than being in your relaxing Bullfrog hot tub after a stressful day, listening to some soothing music while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time.

"inSPAration, the leading aromatherapy fragrance, for Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths has been manufacturing fragrances for over 35 years. Our unique aromatherapy blends are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing "Aromatherapy Experience." inSPAration's large variety of fragrances and fragrance blends create that ultimate spa experience while at the same time leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Tested by Dupont, Aristech and other leading acrylic manufacturers, inSPAration is proven to be safe for all Spa, Hot Tub and Whirlpool Bath surfaces. Ideal for masking those unwanted chemical odors without foaming, affecting PH Level, or water chemistry. Formulated especially for jetted systems whether for Spas, Hot Tubs, or Hydrotherapy Tubs, inSPAration has been proven safe for all motors, jets, and acrylics.

inSPAration contains no alcohol and is water-soluble. inSPAration's custom blended Fragrances come packaged in 9oz. Bottles, 1/2oz.single-use Pillow Packets, Spa Crystals, Sampler Bags and many different kinds of Gift Packages. With over 50 Fabulous Blends there are scents for every different occasion. We invite you to browse our site for more information on our exciting line of Spa and Bath Fragrances. And check out our exciting new products."

At Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas we have a full selection of the inSPAration line, ensuring that you will find the perfect scent that is just right your you and your loved ones.  Come one in and open up a few bottles to find the scents you want to take home with you today.