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Insanely Great Technology


We have all seen how fast technology can change, and how much that new technology can help us, especially in business and in our social lives.  Just look at your phone.  Chances are you have a cell phone, and most likely it is a smart phone (gone are the days of a corded land-line that tied you to talking in the kitchen.)  A person only needs to walk down the mall or drive around around town to see all the cell phone providers to realize that the cell phone industry is booming.  Just go in to a local Verizon store, I know the place is packed with people every time I go in, because we have gotten used to their phones and the benefits that they offer.  Last week I was out of state and so happy that Siri was telling me the directions on the freeway or else I would have wasted half my vacation trying to figure out where I was at.  That is what new technology does for makes life better.  That is what Bullfrog has done with its hot tubs when they entered the market in the 90's and that is what they just did again.

Bullfrog changed the way spas were made when they eliminated most of the plumbing with their original design and gave the consumer the most technologically advanced spa available. But, just like iPhone or Android, who constantly upgrade and make improvements, Bullfrog has come up with a great design that combines new technology, sleek design with innovation to bring the consumer the best possible spa experience possible.  Bullfrog didn't just surpass their greatest competition (themselves) but now have created pipeless hydrotherapy with the H2Air Manifold which not only eliminated the plumbing in the back, but got rid of the friction for more efficiency...which means more power.