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Cleaning Filters


It is recommended that the filter cartridge(s) be cleaned every 3-6 weeks or as needed. Replace the filter cartridge(s) every 1-2 years or when necessary. To maintain warranty protection, use only genuine Bullfrog Filter Cartridge replacements. To clean your filter cartridge(s), complete the following:

Step 1: Place the spa in Standby mode.

Step 2: Remove cartridge(s).

Step 3: Using a garden hose with a nozzle or other high-pressure device, clean cartridge(s). Work top to bottom on each pleat.

  • To remove collected suntan lotions or body oils, soak cartridge(s) in warm water with a Filter Cleaner or detergent.
  • To remove calcium deposits, soak cartridge(s) in a plastic container using Clearview Filter Cleaner or Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner. Calcium deposits indicate a high spa pH, which should be corrected.

Step 4: Reinstall cartridge(s)

Step 5: Press any button to reset the control system.

IMPORTANT: Using a brush to clean a filter cartridge could cause damage to the cartridge.

*Article from Bullfrog Spa owners manual.