Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Service, and Maintenance

Calling for Help / Repairs


At some point, if you own a pool or hot tub, you are going to have to have a service call, unless you are one of those people who can miraculously fix everything with duck tape.  We have some tips for you to help save you some frustration and money before you call.  Here is a handy list that we have come up with after years of being in business.

1. Know your parts!  What is the Make, Model and Year.  Of course, sometimes this is impossible and we know this too 🙂  Years of being out in the sun and water will have erased all names and markers, so just try to find whatever types of information you can.  Some of it may be helpful.

2. Describe what is going wrong in as much detail as possible.  Our experts here can sometimes diagnose something over the phone, again saving a service call and can recommend a part, or at the very least they know what parts to bring on the service call, thereby saving you two service calls; one for diagnosing the problem and one after the correct parts have come in.

3. Bring in your parts, if you can, like automatic vaccumms such as the Hayward Navigator, or Kreepy Krauly.  We have parts to repair and overhaul them, and often we can have them working like brand new.

Spring is right around the corner and it will be time to open up your pool.  We are here to help make sure your pool will look great. Remember our free water testing service will help make sure you are off right from the start.