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2013 Bullfrog Hot Tubs


They are coming!  The much anticipated and completely revamped Bullfrog spas will be in our store soon, and we can’t wait.  Bullfrog’s official website has the new line of spas online and you can see all the new models and even build your own new spa.  Our new floor models should be in the store sometime soon, and we can't wait to show them to you.

Bullfrog has completely redesigned how their JetPaks and hot tubs are built, once again revolutionizing the hot tub industry. For years, Bullfrog has been leading the industry with its superior plumbing technology that, JetPak Therapy being the leader in 100% wood-free construction, and now they just lapped the competition with their newest JetPak patent design.

It is truly remarkable and you need to come in and see the transformation for yourself.

Some of the JetPak configurations look similar to our past favorites, like the Neck Masseuse, and the Oscillator (but updated), but others are new like FibroTherapy and Wellness.  No matter what type of massage JetPak you prefer, they all have brand new plumbing designs and are built to impress.